Campaign could force legal battle with ELDC


Keep Louth Special (KLS) have declared they will mount a legal challenge if ELDC decides to sell the Cattle Market site for a supermarket.

Following their analysis of a report by planning consultants Nathaniel Lichfield, the campaign group have claimed that the report is “littered with factual mistakes, erroneous inferences and unjustified assumptions”.

Nick Louth, from KLS, said: “There is no objective need for any more supermarket space in Louth.

“Nathaniel Lichfield’s own figures show this, but its latest report again fails to draw the appropriate conclusion.

“After the arrival of Aldi on the Malt Kiln site, there is no need for any more retail space for years – let alone a superstore which would treble the town’s current supermarket space.”

KLS, which was formed “to defend the unique independent retail character of the town”, believes that Louth would be destroyed by such a development.

The campaigners have a petition which they say has been signed by thousands of Louth shoppers, and will be presented to ELDC this week.

At Louth’s Annual Town Meeting on Tuesday May 13, a Louth resident addressed town councillors, asking: “How can the Louth Town Council influence the ELDC’s decision-making process over the next couple of months?”

Outgoing Mayor Councillor David Wing replied: “We are not in a position to influence ELDC.

“If they turn around and say “we’re ignoring everything you’ve said and we’re selling the site”, then we can’t do anything about it.

“All we can try and do is make sure the process they go down is the correct one.”

Keep Louth Special chairman Alan Mumby then responded from the audience and said: “As far as we are concerned, the Nathaniel Lichfield report is so flawed that if ELDC decide to sell the site on the basis of that report, we will make a legal challenge.

“We also want to have a plebiscite, so that all the people in Louth can have a vote on it. Under the Localism Act, we can do that.”