Possible water pollutant at Hubbards Hills in Louth


The Environment Agency is currently investigating a possible pollutant in the water at Hubbards Hills in Louth following reports of a high quantity of Crayfish being found dead in the water this week.

Since the reports, EA officers have been up to the Hills in Louth and have taken water samples on site.

A spokesman for the Environment Agency said: “We believe that it could be a possibility that some form of pollution had got into the water.

“Now we have the samples, we are investing where the pollution has come from, what the pollution actually was and how it came to get into the water in the first instance.

“But it will take us a couple of weeks to find out the results following the samples we have taken.

“We would also like to clarify that this was an isolated incident.

“The pollution will be now filtered out of the water, so the water is completely safe.”

Did you see the dead crayfish in the water at Hubbards Hills last week? Do you happen to have any pictures from the scene?

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