Pride of Louth featured at biennial Poacher competition at Epic Centre

​LINCOLNSHIRE and Louth in particular has some of the finest butchers and bakers in Britain and some of them will soon be submitting their products to the biennial Poacher competition to determine who is the best of the best.

Louth butchers have a strong tradition of doing well in the competition and Lakings currently hold the award for the best stuffed chine.

The competition will take place at the Epic Centre on the Lincolnshire Showground on October 16, when panels of expert and consumer judges will each consider one of the categories being considered.

Gold, Silver and Bronze awards are given for such classic local delicacies as Lincolnshire sausage, stuffed chine, pork pie, plum bread and haslet. Other awards go to national dishes and to Innovations, which includes vegetarian and non-meat pastry products. Last year’s new ideas included rabbit sausage, venison and cherry burger and Sydney Surprise, so the judges need to be prepared for anything! A champion product is selected by the judges of each of the 11 categories.