Rotary helps Philippines

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Horrified by the disaster in the Philippines the Rotary Club of Louth has arranged for humanitarian survival aid to be sent out there.

The club’s John Barer said they had ‘urgently considered the horrific needs of the people in the Philippines’ and arranged to immediately pay for and send out from its sister organisations one shelter box and seven water survival boxes.

They used money raised and given by Rotary members and the public at its various charity events over the year.

The ladies Inner Wheel Club is also sending a further water box.

John said: “The shelter boxes are very large and substantial and contain a large tent and are filled with the equipment a considerable number of people need to survive when they have no home or shelter.

“The water boxes contain filtration and purifying equipment to supply a family with drinking water for four months and also some basic living goods.

“These boxes are held centrally in this country ready for dispatch to disaster areas.”

Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines at the beginning of November and was the strongest storm ever to make landfall, with winds of over 195mph.

It left a trail of destruction with thousands feared dead.

Millions of people have been affected, with hundreds of thousands forced from their homes.

Those who survived need urgent help including emergency shelter, clean water and food.

Rotary clubs around the world are pledging emergency aid to communities in central Philippines.

Rotary President Ron Burton said: “I know we all want to help. I am urging our clubs to take action to provide emergency aid now and begin planning for the future when we can help rebuild homes, schools, and businesses. We are in the business of helping people in need.”

Such disasters are ‘exactly why we entered into our partnership with ShelterBox’, said Burton. “It gives Rotary members worldwide the opportunity to respond immediately and in a very meaningful way to the life-threatening conditions faced by the people of the Philippines.”

For nearly 100 years, Rotary clubs in the Philippines have been creating positive change in their communities.

The first Philippine Rotary club was formed in Manila in 1919.

Today, more than 800 Rotary clubs throughout the Philippines give members the chance to make a difference at home and around the globe.

Rotary’s work to eradicate polio, the organisation’s top priority, began in the Philippines. Rotary clubs in the Philippines have improved water and sanitation.