Sausage club in Louth is set for a comeback

A famed former sausage club in Louth is set to make a comeback next month.

Years ago record breaking sausage maker Chris Fenwick and some other enthusiasts launched their own sausage club, holding monthly dinners at The Poacher pub in Louth.

But that particular club is no longer, and plans to relaunch that club in memory of Chris, who died in 2011, have been backed by Louth mayor Coun Jill Makinson-Sanders.

Now Fenwick’s World Champion Sausage Club will be a reality and the group’s first meeting will be held on Monday, February 18 at the Wheatsheaf Pub.

Stephen Kirby, one of the organisers, explained: “Several Louth residents noticed that other towns had sausage clubs at the time of the millenium, and thought ‘why not Louth’?

A couple of the original members were reminicing at the end of 2012 about Chris and the pleasant evenings at the sausage club.

“They discussed it with The Wheatsheaf and made plans to relaunch it.”

Membership is just £3, with £1 going to charity, and the group will be meeting every third Monday in the month.

Sausages will vary and members will be able to have 10 per cent off their sausages at Fairburn’s Butchers in Louth.

Start time is 7pm in the lounge and all are welcome.