Sir Peter calls for all sides to be involved in Syria conference

Sir Peter Tapsell Louth
Sir Peter Tapsell Louth
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Sir Peter Tapsell MP spoke in the House of Commons on the Syria crisis.

He said: “May I put it to my right honourable friend that, despite his great personal effort — on which I warmly congratulate him — to try to bring about a successful Geneva II conference on Syria, it is unlikely to make much real progress unless all sides are involved: not only Iran but the Alawites? I ask him to reflect on the success of the Geneva conference of 1954, which against all expectations put an end to the Indochina war, in which enormous casualties were suffered by France. Anthony Eden insisted, despite the strong opposition of John Foster Dulles, that all sides should be present. Why cannot my right hon. friend do the same?”

William Hague said: “There are certainly lessons to be learned from 1954.”