Sir Peter Tapsell MP warns 1,000 homes would ‘destroy’ Louth

Sir Peter
Sir Peter
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Sir Peter Tapsell has warned that if almost 1,000 new houses are built in Louth it would ‘destroy’ the town.

Speaking in the House of Commons, the Louth and Horncastle MP said: “Although I think everyone understands that there is an acute shortage of housing in many parts of this country because of the lamentable failure of the previous government to build sufficient houses and because of what most people regard as excessive immigration, in the charming market towns of Louth and Horncastle in my Lincolnshire constituency there is the deepest cross-party concern about developers’ proposals to put up about 1,000 new houses in and around those two market towns.

“What everybody is asking is where are the jobs, the school places, the ambulances, the hospital beds and the policemen to be found for such a project, which will in fact destroy these happy communities?”