Solar park sitches on near Louth by Ecotricity

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ECOTRICITY has completed construction of the UK’s first major solar park at Conisholme near Louth.

The solar park will make enough green electricity for nearly 300 average homes each year for the next 25 years.

Ecotricity’s wind park, on the same site, has 20 windmills generating 16 MW. It has been producing enough green energy each year to power over 10,000 homes each year, since 2008.

The ‘energy payback’ of the new Sun Park – the time it takes to repay the energy used to create the solar panels – is expected to be around two-and-a-half years, and they will keep producing clean energy for around 25 years.

The Sun Park has been part-funded using Ecotricity’s EcoBonds, in which customers and others could invest in green energy, cut out the big banks, and earn up to a 7.5 per cent rate of return over four years.