St James’ spire to be lit up blue at night in April

The spire of St James' Church
The spire of St James' Church

St James’ Church will join world famous buildings like the Sydney Opera House and the Empire State Building when the spire is floodlit in blue for International Autism Awareness Week.

From 8pm on Saturday April 5 until April 12 it will be blue - the adopted colour of the Autistic Society - at night in a collaboration between the local branch of the National Autistic Society and St James’ Church.

Rector of Louth Nick Brown said: “St James’ is delighted to be able to help people in the local community recognise Autism Awareness Week by joining the Light it up Blue event. Whilst St James’ may not have the international profile of somewhere like the Sydey Opera House, it is a beacon within the local community. As we help local volunteers rasie awareness of autism, we join them in celebrating the work that goes on in our community by groups auch as LAAFS to help families with autism, and hope that others might be inspired to set up similar venture in their won communities.”

To make a donation call 07982 787823.