Suspended prison sentence for former Louth man who breached restraining order


A former Louth man admitted breaching a restraining order for the third time when he appeared at Skegness Magistrates’ Court.

Liam Stephen Collins, 24, now living at Hainton Avenue in Grimsby, was said to have contacted his former partner Laura Ringrose in Louth on August 10 despite a restraining order ordering him not to do so.

Jim Clare, prosecuting, told District Judge John Stobart that Collins and Ms Ringrose had been in a relationship for four years but it had broken down after numerous abusive incidents, and in August 2013 a restraining order had been issued by Skegness Magistrates.

He breached this order in March 2014 by contacting her via Facebook and was sent to prison.

He again contacted her on Facebook on August 3 at 12.12am. He said it was not a threatening message but it had alarmed and distressed Ms Ringrose.

In interview he confirmed that he knew he had breached the order and said it was a ‘moment of madness whilst in drink’.

In mitigation, it was said that he was suffering from depression and wanted to get medical attention for that.

The judge told Collins that he knew at all points that he was not to contact Ms Ringrose directly.

“I accept that this message was not intended to be threatening but no doubt it caused her distress,” said the judge.

He sentenced Collins to an eight week prison sentence, suspended for 12 months, and ordered him to pay £85 in costs.