Sutton on Sea boy turns down birthday presents to help The Ark animals

Five-year-old Finn Middleton visits the Ark Animal Rescue and Retirement Home. EMN-141119-153840001

Five-year-old Finn Middleton visits the Ark Animal Rescue and Retirement Home. EMN-141119-153840001

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A selfless five-year-old asked his birthday party guests to bring donations for homeless animals at the Ark instead of presents for himself.

Kind-hearted animal lover Finn Middleton, from Sutton on Sea, surprised his family when he said that he didn’t want birthday presents this year, but would instead prefer to help animals in desperate need of bedding, food, toys 
and shelter at the Ark Animal Rescue and Retirement Home in North Somercotes.

Finn’s mother, Hayley, 
who works for Sutton Pet Supplies, said: “We have rescued many injured wild animals and have nursed them back to health.

“Finn got the idea after watching an animal rescue program on television and seeing the animals in need of food, bedding and toys.

“Needless to say I was taken aback when he suggested 
the idea, but fully supported him.

“When I contacted the Ark they were more than happy.

“Finn never once asked for a birthday present and I feel immensely proud of a young child making such a selfless and mature decision.”

Finn, who attends Sutton on Sea Community Primary School, invited his class with special invitations that explained his request.

Hayley said: “Finn had a lovely party with a bouncy castle at the Meridale Centre and we were delighted at the response and generosity of his guests.”

The following day, Finn and his family travelled up to the Ark in two cars, each with a boot full of donations for the animals.

In addition to this, Finn raised £45 to support the Ark and a customer at Sutton Pet Supplies made a £100 donation too.

Hayley said: “The Ark staff were very pleased and gave Finn a badge. Needless to say there were a few tears, with Finn in particular getting upset about the animals not having homes.

“As a result, four cats are hopefully being re-homed 
by some of our family members.

“It was a sad but very satisfying day with Finn learning a tremendous amount about rescue animals.”