Traffic enforcement ‘scam’ slammed by Louth resident

Peter Barnes, 23, felt that the parking fine was unfair.
Peter Barnes, 23, felt that the parking fine was unfair.

A Louth man has branded the traffic enforcement system in the town as a “money making scandal” following a heated row over a parking ticket.

Peter Barnes, 23, parked his motorbike outside Lakings butchers on May 30 and was told by a passing warden that he was welcome to park there for a few minutes while he went in to buy some lunch.

Mr Barnes parked in the same place the following day for a few minutes, only to find a different traffic warden writing out a £35 parking fine.

After his pleas were dismissed, Mr Barnes called the number on the ticket and spoke with an advisor, who resolved the situation amicably. Mr Barnes believed that the situation has been resolved as he did not hear anything more about the matter until he received a letter just two weeks ago, telling him to now pay a £112 fine or else the matter would be referred to bailiffs on November 2.

Mr Barnes, a father of two, said that the increased fine included court costs, yet he had not been given an option to take the matter to court and have his say.

“It’s sick”, said Mr Barnes. “There’s no way I’m paying the fine or letting bailiffs into my house. They’re trying to make money out of me fraudulently.

“It’s not right, and these parking restrictions are affecting businesses in Louth.”

A spokesperson for Lincolnshire County Council said: “Although we do not generally comment on individual cases, a parking fine cannot be given immediately; there is an ‘observation period’ of around five minutes.

“He should have received two reminder letters before now with appeal options, but it’s still not too late for him to call the Northamptonshire Traffic Enforcement Centre and make an objection.”