UFO investigator backs triangle 'spacecraft' claims

Wednesday 11.30am - BRINKHILL'S 'alien spacecraft' enthusiast Eric Goring may be on to something, according to an independent UFO investigator.

After reading the Leader's story on Mr Goring's extraordinary claims last week, a local UFO investigator has been to the village to scan the skies himself.

The man, who asked not to be named, said: "I can now report I have been to Brinkhill twice and on both occasions myself and a friend have seen the objects. I must say they are as Mr Goring described.

"I saw three objects with lights on each point of the triangle with a very large central light. The larger object flew within a hundred feet of my car and we experienced total electrical mayhem and I felt charged with static.

The objects are definitely not the Aurora Black project plane because it uses pulse-scram jet engines and these were silent and we estimated they covered the distance from the coast to the Wolds in around a second - and that is not possible even for Aurora.

"The objects are able to disguise themselves when needed because the large one made its black fuselage vanish on more than one occasion. It did not turn out its lights so we could clearly see it. When it appeared as an object, not just lights, it astonished me!

The man described how a following night he witnessed several fighter planes flying on afterburner "with no navigation lights on." He said: "In my opinion, this was to debunk the reports and to provide an explanation for the orange glowing spheres also sighted recently. What we saw was not the orange objects.

"I have contacted BUFORA (British UFO Research Association] and MUFON (Mutual UFO Network] with the information and I am trying to get hold of some decent cameras to document it as we are setting up an overnight watch on the weekend."

He added: "This is a unique opportunity to capture something extraordinary on film that may help with the disclosure project."

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