UFO sighting by RAF Binbrook released from secret files

Wednesday 4.45pm - A UFO sighting by staff at RAF Binbrook is one of many featured in previously secret files made public by the government for the first time today.

The sightings cover the period between 1978 and 2002 and were compiled by the Ministry of Defence.

The files also include the case of a woman driving north from Tetford to Scamblesby and then Goulceby in the early 1980's.

She saw a "bright light from a globe-like object described as a floodlight in the sky."

She said the light was mostly overhead and it was so bright she would not have needed to use her headlights.

The report says: "When driver took a wrong turn she lost the light but having turned around she found it awaiting her further on like a bright globe with a beam of light."

The woman was very frightened and did not want any publicity.

Her husband, who was at home, also saw the light as he met her.

An MOD memo from 1983 included in the files states: "The Ministry of Defence does not deny there are strange things to see in the sky.

"It believes, however, that there are adequate material explanations for these - satellite debris re-entering the earth's atmosphere, ball lightning, unusual cloud formations, meteorological balloons, aircraft lights, aircraft at unusual angles etc.

"It certainly has no evidence that alien spacecraft have landed on this planet."

A draft of a UFO Debate in The House of Lords, says: "Intelligent life could exist elsewhere in the universe. With 100,000 millions stars in our own galaxy alone, it is probable there are many planets capable of supporting life."

But it goes on: "Even at the speed of light, it would take four years to reach the nearest star, and 100,000 years to cross our galaxy".

The files have been made available for the public to view at the National Archive in Kew.

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