UFO sightings on the rise in county

Friday 3.45pm - LINCOLNSHIRE is proving a tourism hot spot for little green men and their flying saucers, government statistics suggest.

The latest figures released by the Ministry of Defence state the number of UFO sightings in the county is on the up.

Last year there were eight close encounters of the first kind - three more than the five reported to the MOD in both 2007 and 2006.

That includes sightings in Kirton and Stickford within seven days of one another.

"Twelve lights in the sky," were reported to the MoD at Kirton on November 14 at 4.50pm, the witness report states.

"The lights started to fade and then two more brighter lights came towards the first 12.

"They were not in any formation."

A week later there was another sighting, this time at Stickford.

It was 11.30pm on November 21.

This time the statement described: "A cloud-type dull light with no noise, 100-200ft from the witness' house.

"Was moving in an arc continuously at speed, from left to right."

These sightings add to the rash reported by locals around Louth in the last few months.

To see details of the local sightings click on the Louth Area UFO Hotspot Map button on the homepage of this website.

So are there aliens living among us or are these reports the cases of crank calls or mistaken lights in the sky?

And what are they looking for?

The truth is out there…


Yellowbellies and little green men – the 2008 Lincs alien spots:

1: Where? Welton.

When? June 23, 5.50pm.

What? Diamond/orb-shaped object, white and bright and never moved.

2: Where? Horncastle.

When? July 12, 10.50pm.

What? Eight circular, large yellow bright solid lights, moving east at high speed, low level.

3: Where? Scunthorpe.

When? July 27, no approx time.

What? Oval-shaped weird light in the sky, object moved from left to right in westerly direction.

4: 8: Where? Little Steeping.

When? No firm date, call logged on September 5, 10.30pm.

What? Exceedingly large light moving back and forth across the sky. Group of lights then appeared – high above the clouds.

5: Where? Lincolnshire, place not specific.

When? October 6, 8.55pm.

What? Large inverted 'V' shape of seven dull lights, almost greyish. Rotated slightly then seemed to bounce. Shooting off individually at high speed.

6: Where? Kirton.

When? November 14, 4.50pm.

What? Twelves lights which faded before two brighter lights appeared.

7: Where? Stickford.

When? November 21, 11.30pm.

What? Cloud-type light, dull with no noise. Moving in an arc at continuous speed.

8: Where? Scunthorpe.

When? December 21, 5.30pm.

What? Bright, flashing star. Got repeatedly bright and died down.