UFO UPDATE: SECURITY called to protect Conisholme wind farm from UFO hunters.

Monday 1pm By Faye Preston Security guards and dogs have been instigated at Conisholme wind farm to stop UFO enthusiasts coming to harm at the site.

After the Louth Leader broke the news of the strange goings on at the wind farm on Fen Lane, the world became fascinated by what caused one of the mammoth blades to fall from the 290ft turbine.

And because of the international interest, Ecotricity, the company in charge of the farm, have sealed the site off.

An Ecotricity spokesperson said: "There were just so many people up there so we had to keep people off the site for their own safety.

"There was a concern there that people might go down there – it is lucky it is such an isolated place really".

The cause of the damage has not been established officially, but the blade has been sent to Germany for forensic analysis.

It is hoped the cause will be established by the end of the week.

The spokesperson continued: "If there is a rational answer out there, we will find it".