UFOs described as 'orange lights' spotted over Louth

UFOS described as 'extraordinary' by witnesses were spotted flying over the Louth area on the weekend.

Jeff and Eve Sardeson, from Legbourne watched the three orange orbs of light from their garden on Sunday.

Eve said: "We have never seen anything like it before, they looked extraordinary."

Recounting their strange sighting, she said: "Jeff had forgotten to put the recycling bin out for Monday's collection, so popped outside at around 9pm. The next thing I knew he was banging on the window to get my attention.

"When I drew back the curtains I could see him pointing and I looked up to see two orange lights coming towards us. I rushed outside and grabbed the binoculars but couldn't see any clearer detail."

The couple described the lights as moving slowly and silently across the sky for a duration of around two minutes.

"They came out of the west and turned south where they appeared to 'wink' out. The lights were much larger than plane lights but not flashing, and larger and slower than a shooting star, satellite or space station - all of which we have seen before."

The Sardeson's said they wondered if they were private helicopters transporting VIPs from Cadwell Park, but described how they jiggled across the sky and appeared to make no noise.

RAF Cranwell have confirmed they had no aircraft flying in the area on Sunday, and were unable to offer an explanation for the sighting.

Cadwell Park have said there were private helicopters used over the British Superbike weekend, but confirmed they were out of the area by 7pm.

Back in 2005, the leader reported on similar orange balls of light seen over Louth, described as a 'mystery' by the RAF.

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