UPDATE: Expert Nick Pope on weird donut UFO mystery

Tuesday 4.10pm - UFO expert Nick Pope has said a donut shaped object photographed near Louth is 'bizarre'.

Brian Lee, 55, was driving in South Somercotes on December 9 and stopped his car to take some pictures of a dramatic sunset on his mobile phone.

It wasn't until he returned home and looked over the images that he discovered the strange donut shaped object in one of them.

Nick Pope, who worked on the Ministry of Defence's 'UFO desk' in the 1990s, told us: "This is a really bizarre photo. When people don't see anything at the time, but later notice something unusual on the image, it suggests a fault with the camera or the film.

"But I've seen numerous such photos and this looks different. It's one of the oddest looking UFO photos I've ever seen.

"The MoD should analyse the image and check to see if anything was detected on radar."

* Meanwhile, many people do believe in aliens following the recent spate of UFO sightings, according to a recent vote on this website!

We asked people on our website vote: 'Do you think we are being visited by aliens?'

Out of almost 200 people who voted 72 per cent answered 'yes' and 28 per cent answered 'no'.

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