UPDATE: Work to repair 'UFO' turbine is underway

Friday 12pm WORK to get the wrecked 'UFO' wind turbine up and running at Conisholme wind farm is underway.

Despite the explanation as to why one of the baldes 'fell' and another was left bent still being unknown, workers are at the site and in the next few days, all three 65ft blades and the central hub will be replaced.

The remaining bent blade will also be sent for analysis and the new blades are waiting at the site in Fen Lane along with the mammoth cranes needed to lift them.

Ecotricity say they are not ruling out the possibility of a crash landing UFO being the cause of the damage, but are also considering lightning, material failure, design failure and maintenance failure.

The company says so far there is no evidence that a collision is to blame on the grounds that no debris was found at the site.

Dale Vince, Managing Director of wind farm company, Ecotricity said: "To be honest we had a lot of fun with this, and that took the edge off what was otherwise a serious and very bad event for us.

"As for UFOs, I believe absolutely that intelligent life exists in the universe. But I doubt that if it could get here from another galaxy it would crash into a windmill – then again accidents will happen.

"It's all good fun, but seriously UFOs are bottom of my probability list."