VIDEO: Louth road closed for repairs

LITTLE Eastgate is eerily silent today as worker have closed it off to traffic ready for repairs.

The road, from the junction with Upgate to the Fish Shambles, is closed for two weeks by Lincolnshire County Council.

Businesses are open as normal.

Dean Myhill, area highways manager for Lincolnshire County Council, said: “We are repairing sections of the footpath and road gullies. Some of the paving slabs have cracked due to vehicles overrunning the footpath. We will be putting this right – along with some kerbs that have become damaged.

“Due to the road being narrow, and to comply with safety regulations, the road will be closed during the day, but we will reopen it at night.

“We will liaise with local businesses to keep disruption to a minimum and maintain vehicle access for deliveries.

“Advance warnings are in place informing the public and we are currently speaking with those most affected.”