VIDEO UPDATE: Nick Pope on man claiming world's most UFO sightings

Monday 12.30pm - BRINKHILL'S repeat UFO witness now claims to be the world's most prolific UFO spotter.

Eric Goring, 62, visited the Leader last week in response to the recent wind turbine incident and to show us the night vision equipment he uses to spy on UFOs.

He said: "I believe I have seen more spaceships now than anyone else in the world. I have seen hundreds."

As we reported back in October, Mr Goring claims to be seeing space craft so regularly he is worried about being abducted by aliens.

Mr Goring's latest sighting was last Wednesday at 9.23pm, while making tea in his kitchen he claims to have seen a yellow light outside his window, "shining a searchlight beam down."

Mr Goring showed off the new equipment he has been using to spy on the UFOs: "I bought this electronic night vision scope and can now see the lights in clearer detail. Now I am seeing new yellow ships from my windows. These are my favourites now, I call them yellow lights."

Concerned that people take him seriously, he said: "People think I am a crack pot, but I'm not lying, I know what I have seen. But everything I have told you is true, I don't lie, I don't hallucinate, I'm not on drugs and when I'm out looking at these things I'm stone cold sober."

He said: "I have a lot going round my head as to what these things could be, what the aliens would look like and what they would eat. They are always coming down in the fields so maybe they are catching rabbits and eating them, who knows?"

Mr Goring who gives names to the 'space crafts', calling some Blinkies and others Bright Eyes, said he his biggest sighting was of 20 triangular craft together in the sky back in October: "They were about three miles in the distance over Ulceby Cross, coming in from each direction and lighting up the clouds, they were beautiful to watch."

He added: "I'm not as afraid of these things as I used to be, I think they are benign and they just want to help us in some way, although I still don't want to get too close to them as I don't know what they are powered by."

Mr Goring said he was displeased The Sun newspaper superimposed an image from the film ET: The Extra-terrestrial on a photo of the Conisholme wind turbine recently: "I don't like how the media have handled this – this is a very serious thing, and not to be laughed at."

Concluding, he added: "I invite anyone to just come over on a clear night and look up in the sky – and they will see these things."

We spoke to the UK's answer to Fox Mulder, UFO expert Nick Pope, who worked on the Ministry of Defence's 'UFO desk' in the 1990s. Now a renowned author and TV personality on the subject, Mr Pope told us:

"Mr Goring seems entirely sincere and I'm certain he's not making any of this up. He's clearly developed a very strong interest in this and it seems to have become something of a quest for him.

"Sometimes this can result in a will to believe that's so strong, any strange light in the sky takes on a great significance. Most UFOs turn out to be misidentifications of aircraft lights, meteors or satellites but a small percentage remain unexplained.

"The concept of 'repeater witnesses' is something I've come across before. There are several possibilities. The sceptical theory is that once somebody's had a sighting, they sometimes become obsessed with the subject, pay more attention to the skies, join a UFO group, go on sky watches, etc.

"They develop a strong will to believe and every aircraft light or satellite becomes a UFO, in their mind. However, there are other theories suggesting that certain people are more perceptive and therefore more likely to see UFOs, whatever they may be. Others suggest that whatever UFOs are, they somehow seek out certain people."

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Here are some of the responses to this story we have received:

* I have been following all the recent UFO stories in the Louth Leader and although I have an open mind as to what caused the damage to the wind turbine in Conisholme, I certainly do not dismiss Eric Goring's claims of being the world record holder of UFO sightings. I have been studying UFOs since I was 3 years old. I am now 43 years old and to date I have not seen a damn thing which cannot be explained. Despite this, I believe there is overwhelming evidence to support the existence and visitation to earth of extra terrestrial beings.

Mr Goring obviously puts in a lot of hard work viewing the night sky and is therefore being rewarded with multiple sightings. There maybe be a degree of luck in his success, it may be that certain people for whatever reason will have a higher degree of success than others and indeed his location may be a major contributing factor. I would like to commend Eric for his good work.

Martin Huyton

* I completely believe Mr Goring. I may have him beat. I believe UFOs are there all the time. You have to develop your vision and open your mind to their reality in order to spot them. I actually see them here in north Texas nearly every night since last September. I was a sceptic, but I have definitely changed my position.

Marilyn Brannon

* I totally agree with a Eric Goring's claims of the UFO sightings, especially if he is using a high quality night vision scope. Over the last few years more and more people are turning to night vision and infrared cameras to spot these strange objects that are in our skies. The reason people use this equipment is because whatever they are seeing is reflecting infrared radio waves and heat, something the naked eye doesn't see. I know is sounds mad but whatever they may be are making themselves invisible in the visible light spectrum.

It's a shame Eric doesn't document these sightings by attaching a video camera to his night vision scope. That way we could all see what's flying around above his head.

Darren Ashmore.

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