VIDEO UPDATE: Nick Pope on weird field circle and UFO theories

Thursday 4pm - COULD these images of a mysterious circular impression in a field be proof aliens have visited the Louth area?

Brinkhill's UFO spotter Eric Goring, 68, visited the Louth Leader office again this week to show us these photographs he took on his camera.

He said: "I came across this little crop circle the morning after watching these lights in the sky. I have never seen this before on that hill and I know it very well. I have measured it and it's just over sixteen foot across.

"There are no burn marks on the grass but I think it was an impression made when one of these lights came down or one of the spaceships blasted out some energy from underneath it."

We spoke to the UK's leading UFO expert Nick Pope who said: "Oddly enough, there may be a horticultural explanation for the circular impression in the field, which may be a so-called fairy ring - a circular pattern caused by certain types of fungi.

"That said it's not possible to be certain about this without visiting the site. If this isn't the explanation, it would be interesting - with the landowner's permission - to search the area with a metal detector, take soil samples and test for radioactivity with a Geiger counter.

"Those are the sorts of actions I would take if anyone was seriously suggesting that some exotic craft had landed."

Mr Goring first visited the Leader last October, to recount his strange sightings of triangular aircraft and lights near his home.

Since then he claims to have seen hundreds, sometimes up to 20 in one night, leading to his claims to have seen more 'spaceships' than anyone else in the world.

He has become such an avid spotter, he has purchased a night vision scope to see the aircraft in more detail and a traditional stills camera in the hope of obtaining photographic evidence.

Convinced he is seeing alien craft, he ventures out into the village in the early hours of the morning, hoping to capture one on camera.

Mr Goring referred to a story he heard on NASA sending a probe into space to discover evidence of extraterrestrial life, and said: "They don't need to spend all those millions, they just need to sent six men out to Brinkhill and I will show them alien life."

After watching our video of Mr Goring, Nick Pope, who worked on the Ministry of Defence's UFO desk in the 1990s, said: "I think Eric's theories fall into the intelligence analysis category of 'interesting, if true'.

He added: "Cloaking devices are often seen in sci-fi series such as Star Trek, but scientists have made some recent breakthroughs in research into invisibility, so who knows?"

On February 5 an article published by the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) entitled 'Cloaking Devices, Electromagnetic Wormholes, and Transformation Optics' discussed recent scientific developments with 'cloaking' technology.

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