Villagers plea for police action on sordid sex site

PEOPLE in Legbourne are pleading with police to clampdown on gay men meeting for sex in the village.

The popular picnic area and old railway line has become a hub of activity for gay men who find out about it on the internet, say villagers.

Residents claim the police have done nothing in the last 15 years to stamp out the problem despite numerous complaints.

Trevor Moore lives near the site. He said: "It is disgusting and about time something was done. A lot of people think the same here.

"In this society we shouldn't have to put with it. I'm not against gay men, I'm against what they are doing. It is a lovely spot and it's being ruined for everyone."

Mr Moore has lived in the village for 20 years and is outraged at the lewd acts taking place: "When we moved here this was not something we expected to have virtually in our back garden. On Sundays it is like Piccadilly Circus with the number of cars going in and out. They're even stopping in the layby across the road."

The toilet block within the picnic area has been defaced with graffiti, messages and contact numbers, but Mr Moore said the men are also using the former railway line.

"You can see condoms hanging down from the trees.

"One day I had had enough and saw three of them coming down the railway line. I shouted at them telling them they were 'dirty old men' and they just carried on as if I wasn't even there."

Mr Moore told the Leader he, and a number of residents, have complained to the police, Lincolnshire County Council and Legbourne Parish Council about the problem, but nothing is being done.

Robin Scarfe from the Royal Oak, Little Cawthorpe, said he had been approached by gay men when at the picnic site.

He said: "Society in general should not have to tolerate this type of situation.

"If I go there now, I lock my doors and my children are not allowed there at all."

A spokesperson for Lincolnshire Police said: "One incident of this nature was reported to us and we attended, but nothing was found.

"This does need to be kept in context, but if people have concerns they should contact the police who will attend and investigate the matter."

Louth Police can be contacted on 01507 604744.