We’re backing the campaign to save Louth Ambulance Station!

Local residents in Louth are gearing up to Save Louth Ambulance Station. Photo: Ian Holmes.
Local residents in Louth are gearing up to Save Louth Ambulance Station. Photo: Ian Holmes.

THE FIGHT to keep Louth Ambulance Station open is going strong, and the Leader is now backing the campaign and asking readers to show their support.

If you want to support the campaign and disagree with the proposal to close Louth Ambulance Station, all you have to do is turn to the bottom of page two and sign the cut-out petition slip and drop it into our office in Eastgate.

In turn we will forward these signatures onto Jackie Featherstone, leader of the campaign and they will be added to the campaign’s official petition total.

Local resident Jackie began the campaign, ‘Keep Calm and Save Louth Ambulance Station’ earlier this month and has since created a Facebook page for the cause which already has 150 supporters.

An online e-petition is up and running and an official petition to stop the campaign from closure continues to grow.

Jackie told the Leader: “When I heard the news that East Midlands Ambulance Service wants to close Louth Ambulance Station, I felt I had to do something to try and save this vital service that people rely on so much.”

Amongst the supporters of the campaign are several local businesses which include - AJ Embroidery, Louth Dental Care and Off the Beaten Tracks.

They are showing their support by placing campaign posters up in their shop windows.

Another keen campaign supporter is Mayor of the town, Coun Jill Makinson-Sanders.

Jill said: “I’m very happy to be supporting this cause and I think it’s important that people realise that we need to keep this vital service in the area.

“If ambulances don’t get out to people in time, then people won’t survive.

“This is a service that needs to be protected and this is what the campaign is all about.”

Several residents have expressed their views on the campaign’s Facebook page and have been discussing the long term effects on people if the station were to close.

Erron Hollingsworth said: “It seems a crazy idea to me, to close ambulance stations.”

Rosemary Melton also commented: “This is a fantastic cause and I hope it is one that everyone supports.”

Pam Lucas added: “The cuts in the NHS that are happening all over the UK will only result in people dying due to overlong response time.

“Get rid of Trident and spend our money on improving our lives.”

How vital is Louth Ambulance Station? Email your views to chloe.west@jpress.co.uk .