Weird glowing balls over town - what are these UFOs?

Monday 4.15pm - WEIRD glowing balls were seen floating over Louth on Saturday night.

Neil Brewer saw them from his garden in Fulmar Drive at around 9.30pm and could not believe his eyes.

He told us: "There were three orange balls in the sky, travelling in a triangular shape. They were quite big and the same colour as an after burner of a jet.

"They were spherical and made no sound whatsover. It was very weird. They were about 1,000 ft up and moving fairly fast. They almost seemed to be following the meridian line.

"I could hear people in the gardens around me saying, 'What is it?'"

Other glowing orange lights have been seen over Louth in the last few months and some of these are beleived to be Chinese lanterns let off at events.

But Mr Brewer is not sure if that is the explanation this time.

He said: "If they had been those they would have flickered, this was a fairly constant light."