WIND FARM UFO UPDATE: Fallen blade riddle latest

Wednesday 4pm - THE results of tests run on the 65ft wind turbine blade which mysteriously 'fell off' one of the colossal turbines at the Conisholme wind farm could take up to a month to arrive.

As part of an investigation launched by wind farm company Ecotricity, the fallen blade has been sent to Germany for tests to establish what caused the blade to fall to the ground, and another to be severely misshapen.

It had been reported the results would be in by the end of this week, however, it is now looking more likely to be a month long wait until the mystery is solved.

The story of the UFO sightings and the mystery of the falling blade took the world by storm with national newspapers and news crews plaguing the site of the wind farm.

* A Conisholme resident today told us she received a visit from a French man who asked her if she would wash his clothes.

When the lady asked what he was doing he replied he was in the area 'for the UFOs'.

The lady pointed him in the direction of Grimsby so he could find a laundrette.