Friday 4.08pm By Faye Preston MORE EYEWITNESSES have come forward after speculation of a UFO hitting a wind farm turbine.

The mystery of the wrecked blade at Conisholme Wind Farm has stormed the nation since the Louth Leader broke the news of obscure lights being spotted the night the 65ft blade 'fell' from the turbine.

Scores of witnesses have been coming forward to tell us their weird encounters over the past weeks.

Peter White, a Managing Director emailed us to tell us of his eerie sighting of an orange ball of light. He said:

At 2a.m. on New Year's morning my wife and I were driving home from friends along Keddington Road in Louth when we saw a very bright orange light in the sky over to the West.

We both tried to explain with some rational what this could be, was it be a plane, a helicopter, a flair? And we watched it for a few minutes.

When we arrived home in Brackenborough Road, we could see over to the South West that the light was still there but it was now going up vertically at a slow speed and seemed to disappear through cloud cover.

Then almost simultaneously and at a lower level another very bright ball of orange light came from the right and then another 2 balls very close together and from the same direction at the same height.

All 3 balls of light then 'hovered' in the same pace for a minute or so before going off to the left at speed and disappearing.

We watched these in the distance for about 4 minutes, there was no sound at all and to me they were like nothing we had ever seen in the past because of the size, the intensity and that they could seem to move in any direction.

See this week's Louth Leader for more news and updates of the UFO stricken wind farm.