A more practical use for proposed site

EDITOR – Re: New Sainsbury’s plan for Newmarket.

The most significant sentence in the Leader report relates to the use of the site as a play area by teenagers.

During the recent school holidays those teenagers have cleared all the stones away and have set up their own skateboard park and have also installed a small ramp.

They have played there and at least kept themselves happily occupied due to their own efforts. This shows up what is really needed in Louth and that is a space for children to play and enjoy being together.

That area would be far more beneficial to the community made into a park/play area for the children at this end of the town.

Some years ago a group of children raised cash towards a skate park. What happened to that?

We have plenty of food outlets in Louth, and how can it be said that trading impacts on existing shopping facilities would be negligible when Sainsbury’s Local are anticipating a turnover of £2 million by 2014?

The plan was turned down by the council last June but they have not put forward any positive ideas on a more practical use of the site. Why not ?

R P Evans


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