Letter: Landscape under threat

EDITOR - Re wind turbines will they blight the landscape (Leader September 4). The answer to that question is YES they are already doing so - you only need to look at the monstrosity that I and the other residents of Yarburgh have been forced to live near.

The long view from Yarburgh was destroyed a few years ago by the 20 clearly visible turbines at Conisholme and now we have the near view ruined by this one which has been erected in Yarburgh parish.

At the risk of being called a nimby and a luddite I would strongly urge all residents of this area who are as concerned as I am about the decimation of this lovely part of Lincolnshire to make your voices heard because our county will be totally peppered with these monstrosities if we sit back and say nothing.

There will be no escape from them by going to the coast as the sea will be full of them and now the Wolds are under threat.

I have lived in this part of Lincolnshire, by choice, all my life and I do not want to see it ruined by greedy renewables companies operating on huge subsidies given by the government. Other countries have realised that wind turbines are not the answer to the energy question and it can be proved this is also the case in the UK - 0.12 per cent of demand at a cost of £10 billion - what will it take to make our government listen? Maybe we should remind them they are where they are because people have voted for them and we can all just as easily vote for someone else!!