LETTER: Misinformed on wind farms

I hope that you will allow me to respond to Mr Tereszczak`s letter which is full of misinformation.

He states that Turbines produce FREE Energy when they are up and running. So who pays for the £15-20,000 subsidy per turbine per year for 25 yrs given to the landowner.? this is before they produce any energy.

When the wind doesn’t blow or blows to hard, the turbines are turned off so 
that Diesel Generators on standby (costing more money) are then used to create the shortfall.

Fact: In 2013 Wind Farms were paid £30million a year to stand idle,(add 
the landowners subsidies also) Who does Mr T think pays for all this ?

WE DO MR T. in our energy bills.Der Speigel in April stated that over 80,000 households in Germany had their Energy cut off annually because they couldn’t afford the high cost of renewable energy.

Germany is now building Coal Fired Power Stations because their Big Businesses are re-locating to the 
USA due to the low cost of energy.

Mr T states Turbines do not effect house prices or create noise.

I challenge Mr T to contact me and I will take him to families who are getting noise from a wind farm 24 hours 
of the day.

I will also show you copies of letters from Estate Agents to sellers who have had their buyers pull out when 
they found that Wind Turbines were going to be built nearby.

House prices lose on average 30% of there value when Turbines are built near them. In fact a Daily Mail article showed some householder who had £100,000 knocked off the value of his house. Do you think this endeared him to Wind Farms.?

Some noise is caused by vibration which travels through the ground then runs around a room like a washing machine.

The McPherson Report is a Scientific report on the damaging health issues of Turbines, I am quite happy to supply Mr T with a copy.

What says it all about Green Energy and Taxes is that Ed Davey MP Energy Minister has just transferred his Energy Bill to a Company that doesn’t add on the Green Levy.

Mr T I don`t know where you have got all this junk information from you are peddling but you honestly need to do a bit of research before making supercilious statements.

You may find that some people who want Turbines don’t actually live in the countryside but in the Towns where they will not be effected by the noise, health issues and lost landscape.

David Futers