Letter: You don’t want a supermarket

I am a long term shop owner on Grimsbys infamous secondary shopping centre Freeman Street and until recently was going to open a branch in Louth.

I have followed with close scrutiny the developments of the past few years regarding building/selling your cattle market to a supermarket. If this is the case then be prepared for a shock in 
your town centre, because once that supermarket is built, most of your charming shops will certainly close by the following year. You will be left with food outlets cafes and only a sprinkling of independent polish and Arabic stores as we are.

The saying is true if they (the supermarket) can get it on a shelf then they will sell it and these supermarkets are unscrupulous.

They will close your locals whether you like it or not, and they will not care about your beautiful town centre with half its shops boarded up or to-let, it will become a ghost town during the week and not much better at the weekend.

And don’t forget once you open the door for one surely the rest will follow .you don’t need a monster supermarket.

If I am right, Lidl or Aldi are building on the old mill site so why swamp yourselves with supermarkets who pretend to be cheaper or “the cheapest” because of the costly advertising they do.

Here’s just an insight into our problems with supermarkets in Grimsby , it started with one supermarket and now we have two giant outer town supermarkets and it must be several large ones dotted in and around Grimsby /Cleethorpes, of course the councillors said it would be no problem, they always do for whatever reasons they think fit … we are now into our third regeneration of Freeman St with free small business rates extra parking Etc Etc.

And 60% of the shops are boarded up and the rest are foreign grocers, is that what you really want?

Supermarkets will of course have its supporters ,but please beware of all the knock on effects, the social meeting place will be gone, the lets have a day around the shops will be gone, diversity will be gone, property prices will deteriorate in the town centre area, and most of all the people will be gone.

No doubt they will be shuffling around your supermarkets in a rush because you are only allowed two hours stay in the car park, penalty ticketed if you use the supermarket, but just nip into town to pick up your dry cleaning, I think you get the picture be it on your own heads and don’t forget the councillors names that put your centre in this position because its irreversible.

And nobody has even considered or dreamed that the cattle market is in the most perfect position for a small precinct to add some famous name brands to Louth’s collection of shops and bring even more shoppers to the centre.

Craig Bilbe

Concerned trader, Appliance World, Grimsby