Support your post office/bank

EDITOR - Further to David Ward’s letter about banking at the Post Office (Louth Leader, August 15), I would like to endorse everything he says.

Although I’ve been banking with the Co-operative Bank for nearly 20 years, I’ve never been inside a Co-operative Bank branch, and that’s because it’s simply not necessary for me to do so.

I can pay money into my bank account and take cash out at my local post office here in North Somercotes, operate my account online and talk to a bank employee over the phone any time I need to.

The Co-operative Bank was one of the first banks to operate the post office facility. My only sadness is that there are now fewer village post offices around than there used to be.

So please support your local post office, not least because it can also be your local bank.

Anthony Weedon

Jubilee Road,

North Somercotes