The right balance?

EDITOR – I read with some amusement and horror Iris Dainton’s letter published in the Louth Leader of April 12.

We haven’t heard from her in a while but I fear she has not improved in the interim. She is holding up as an example a school in Norfolk but does not name it.

Facts are therefore difficult to ascertain, but I hope that the quoted school hours of 8am-6pm are not compulsory.

In my chosen career I am entitled to a work/life balance. I sincerely hope my child is, too. I don’t want to come home to a youth every night who is frazzled and irritable after a hard day’s schooling.

In previous letters she has lauded those who we already entrust our children’s education to. She obviously does not include teachers in that group. That is a horrendous thing to say, especially if these are the people who we are entrusting our children to for (apparently) 10 hours a day, five days a week.

Moving back to matters within our county, there is much to be worried about where academies are concerned.

I am generally in favour of the current government and I agree that educational standards in the country are much too low, but where education is concerned I fear the current administration is struggling somewhat.

Gerald Wiley

Brackenborough Road, Louth