Time to make way for a new face on the council

EDITOR - I read with interest a letter published in your paper on August 1 - ‘Sad SOS chairman is stepping down’ .

I wish to answer said letter, Mr Ferryman has stepped down as chairman but is still involved with the group as life president so not a lot has changed there!

The writer called for the ex-SOS councillors - who were voted in as independents and still stand as independents, to step down. Maybe Mr Ferryman should stand down and allow someone else to take his place on the town council.

We have some mighty fine councillors and it would be good to see another one added to the list.


EDITOR - Re: Sad SOS chairman is stepping down.

After reading this article in Wednesday August 1 in the Mablethorpe Leader, I am amazed that anyone in their right mind can make such comments regarding another three councillors that resigned from the group last year and yet continue to stay on the council.

Also the comment regarding Andrew Ferryman at his worst is still streets ahead of our other councillors at their best.

I find this insulting to other councillors that had also done a great job and Mr Ferryman needs to step down due to ill health.

How can Mr Ferryman do such a fantastic job as the writer of the article says when he has been so unwell.

Surely Mr Ferryman’s health comes first!


Mablethorpe resident