Was it necessary for traffic to be affected for so long?

EDITOR – Re roadworks at Kenwick Road, Louth, south of the junction with Stewton Lane. Will you please ask this question in your paper?

I could see that it narrowed the footpath by digging it up adjacent to a lamp post, and therefore closed off part of the road to ensure the safety of pedestrians who walked round the obstruction in the carriageway. However, this obstruction was filled in and the automatic traffic signals left in situ for a few days!

Would the public utility which had reduced a two lane carriageway to a single automatic traffic signal controlled road like to explain why it took so long to effect their purpose whilst nothing was being done.

I am of the opinion that they owe a very humble apology to those who used that road as it was quite clearly an abuse of their right to close or restrict a road!

Anthony Walker

Eresbie Road, Louth