Well done to mayor on promoting our sausage

EDITOR – I don’t think it was inappropriate for Coun Makinson-Sanders to wear her sausage costume while welcoming the Olympic Torch relay to Louth.

I think it was a great bit of fun for what most non-Yellowbellies know Lincolnshire for – mention Lincolnshire to most people in this corner of North Hampshire/West Surrey and people think Lincolnshire Sausages and potatoes.

If people thought it looked like something else then surely that says more about their own gutter-based or sexually-repressed minds.

This strikes me as an orchestrated campaign of hatred by Conservative council members and supporters to try and make a scandal for an independent councillor who was fairly elected by members of her ward.

Another reason why you should not trust anything members of the coalition parties tell you!

I only hope the town can see beyond this incident which brought a bit of fun to a very attractive part of the UK that I visit twice annually.

I also hope that Louth and East Lindsey Tourism make use of the extra publicity gained to generated much-needed visitor income to a very beautiful and friendly corner of Britain.

Well done on Coun Makinson-Sanders being brave enough to wear it.

Nick Scales

Farnham, Surrey

l EDITOR – I would like to say that the Mayor of Louth represented Louth very well when interviewed by the TV.

At least she dressed and spoke with relevance to Louth, she marketed the town very well.

Mablethorpe had 10ft+ kangaroos jumping around... what have they got to do with the area?

Well done, Mayor – and thank you.


Elm Drive, Louth