Where were celebrations?

EDITOR – Up and down the country, in towns and villages far and wide, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee has been celebrated with tremendous enthusiasm. Louth has a special reason to celebrate, being the town on the meridian nearest to the North Pole.

Sadly, there was little sign of celebration. The Hubbard’s Hills party was a wash-out in every sense of the word.

Julia and I walked the length of Hubbard’s Hills vainly searching for the promised party. A disconsolate Lady Mayor with one other councillor met us at the cafe end and told us all celebrations had been cancelled due to bad weather.

No arrangements had been made to hold the party indoors. The town hall? The Royal British Legion Hall? Not even the old swimming pool? Oh no.

Oh yes – one other party, Westgate, had moved its party into St James Church and refused entry to anyone ‘without a ticket’. Satan must have laughed his head off.

Later on we attended the lighting of the beacon. Here a small crowd had gathered, only to be refused admission to the field.

In my day as a one-time town, district and county councillor we used to celebrate public events by having festival occasions which included all the major societies, eg Louth Football Club, the Choral Society, the Male Voice Choir, the Jazz Club, the schools etc... but I’m just an old fuddy duddy of 92.

Charles Baron

Charles Street, Louth