Where were the jubilee events in Mablethorpe?

EDITOR – I had friends coming this jubilee weekend and we enjoyed events at Spilsby, Sutton, Alford and a wet Skegness – even little Trusthorpe put on a nice little event, but Mablethorpe NOTHING.

Yes, we had a Punch and Judy on the sea, but what happened to the events offered in the colourful fliers?

Yes, Mablethorpe was crowded – it always is over a bank holiday. It certainly wasn’t due to any jubilee daytime activies.

We didn’t bother go to the ‘evening’ activities; I was too embarrassed it might be another non-event.

Big thank you to the organisers of Sutton, Spilsby, Trusthorpe, Alford and Skegness events who gave us three out of four days of fun, and would you people please contact Mablethorpe in future to show them how an event should be done.


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