Sand racing action on beach

A GLORIOUS sunny day welcomed hoards of motorcyclists to Mablethorpe on Sunday for a day's sand racing.

The mild weather attracted a good crowd to cheer on the riders and enjoy the sport.

Once again, competitors came from across the country.

The next sand racing is at Mablethorpe on Sunday February 12 from 10am, depending on the tide.


8-13 65cc 1st Thomas Gissing from Market Rasen (also man of the meeting)2nd Ashley Horsnall, 3rd Darel Gee, 4th Ashley Watson; 8-13 100cc 1st Ethan March from Mansfield, 2nd Harvey Fairburn, 3rd Jason Gissing, 4th Adam Glasby; 13-16 125cc 1st William Fairburn from Louth, 2nd Daniel Billam, 3rd Wayne Gissing, 4th Wraith March; 200 Road Bikes 1st Carl White from Doncaster, 2nd John Wilson, 3rd James Pringle; 250 Road Bikes 1st Neil Tuxworth from Louth, 2nd Les Henson, 3rd Roy Hubbert; Unlimited Road Bikes 1st Barry Gammidge from Market Rasen, 2nd Tim Henson, 3rd Tony Johnson; 500 Grass Bikes 1st Scott Chester from Goole, 2nd Scott Anderson, 3rd Jamie Eldin; 125 Motocross 1st Ross Mcgregor from Louth, 2nd Mark Dalton, 3rd Craige Lee; 250 Motocross 1st Ashley Dean from Louth, 2nd Russel Cowling, 3rd Craige Chappell; 500 Motocross 1st Chris Fairburn from Louth, joint 2nd Ben Wells and Steven Nicholls; 250 Quads Joint 1st Chris Wright from Boston and Paul Williams from Doncaster, 3rd Peter Gee; 500 Quads 1st Andrew Barksey from Doncaster, 2nd Brendon March, 3rd Shaun March.

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