Louth digital agency celebrates 20 years in the business

Ian Hargreaves and Shane Trail cutting the cake at First Media headquarters in Louth.
Ian Hargreaves and Shane Trail cutting the cake at First Media headquarters in Louth.

This month, Louth-based digital agency First Media are celebrating their 20th anniversary.

First Media, based on the Fairfield Industrial Estate, started by developing educational multimedia CD-ROMs back in 1999.

But over the last two decades, they have evolved into a forward-thinking media agency, doing genuinely innovative work in web design, e-learning and events.

The First Media team works with global brands, the biggest organisations in sport, and local authorities on trailblazing digital projects – all from their office on Louth’s industrial estate.

What does founder and current Managing Director Ian Hargreaves put the company’s recipe for success as being?

Simply, he said, being able to understand the customer.

Ian said: “We pride ourselves on always taking the time to understand our customers’ needs.

“After we’ve spent time with a client, we use the knowledge and expertise of our team to solve their problem and produce what they want.”

Over the last decade First Media has become one of the leading producers of custom-built e-learning in the whole of the United Kingdom, and they have worked on projects for clients such as the Premier League, the Football Association (FA) and International Olympic Committee.

Director Shane Trail joined the company back in 2003, and is the creative digital lead on all e-learning projects.

Shane explained: “I absolutely love my role because I get to work with a great team and excellent clients every single day.

“Also, I get to help large organisations create great online content and achieve better results.”

First Media has also developed an Online Area Prospectus and Common Application System which is used by 10 local authorities around the UK – including Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire.

And the ‘e-Prospectus’, which won the ‘Innovation in Education & Training’ at the Lincolnshire Tech Awards, is set to become the way all students apply online.

What do Ian and Shane think the future holds for the one-time family run start up?

“We’re going to continue to offer our clients what they need,” Ian said.

“Whether that’s an online course, website, marketing material or an event – we’ll be able to help.

“One of our biggest strengths as a media agency has been our ability to offer expertise in various areas, and we’ll continue to do that long into the future.”

Shane added: “I’m also really excited to see First Media grow and develop into a truly global company that has an impact on people’s learning journeys all over the world. Let’s see where we are in another 20 years’ time!”

For more information about e-learning, web design, events and other services available, visit www.firstmedia.co.uk, call 01507 607783, or follow them on their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram profiles.