27/05/07 - Foundry families

FOLLOWING the request for information on a picture of Neville Foundry in East Road, Sleaford, a Standard reader has recognised himself in the picture.

The picture was submitted by Standard receptionist Jane Day and was published in the paper in the May 16 issue. She recognised her dad on the far right of the front row but she did not know any of the other faces. She believed the picture was taken in the late 1950s or early 1960s.

Standard reader John Andrew of St Mary's Drive, Sleaford recognised himself on the back row, second from left.

He comes from a family that had three generations who worked at Neville Foundry. His father was the managing director and when he died John took over. His son took over from him after John had a knee operation.

He also recognises the young lad on the front row, second from left. He believes his name was John but is not sure of the surname and he thinks he was from Metheringham.

* Can you help with any more names?

Telephone the Standard on 01529 413646 or email john.lavery@jpress.co.uk

Pages from the Past


* COMEDIAN duo Sid Little and Eddie Large were guests of honour when they opened the new Co-op store at Galley Hill, Sleaford.

* Rauceby villagers won their campaign to have a post office in the village which was expected to be open by September. The post office looked likely to be at the village shop on Main Street owned by Patricia Dennings.

* Tom Bowdidge of George Street, Sleaford was presented with a pair of candelabra to mark his retirement with the department of the environment at RAF Cranwell. He had worked there for 37 years and the presentation was made by Tom Cook district works officer.

* School governors and Lincolnshire County Council announced the closure of Heydour and Welby school, which would happen in July 1983. The school had one teacher and very few pupils.

* Sleaford Conservative Club was the domino league one winners and the KO Cup winners in the Sleaford Domino League.


* Coun Walter Rudkin, who had been the west ward member of Sleaford Urban District Council since 1947, was unanimously elected chairman of the council. He succeeded Coun George Dawson who became vice-chairman.

* A measles outbreak among children in Great Hale caused a drama performance to be cancelled as well as a celebration of the Bourne-Clowes Secondary School anniversary to be postponed.

* Mrs R Mountain from Sleaford was the runner-up in the Gwen Bamber Cup (bronze division) golf competition at Woodhall Spa with 157.

* The Rev J G Titus-Rees was inducted as vicar of the Ancaster parish by the Rt Rev Anthony Otter, Bishop of Grantham.

* J D Mather of Carre's Grammar School went to Manchester to take part in the Northern Grammar Schools sports competition. He reached the final of his event, the mile, and finished up in 7th place out of 60 competitors.


* AGRICULTURAL workers could not afford to pay the rents of council homes owned by Eaast Kesteven Rural District Council. Some of the houses were 8s a week but the only rent labourers could afford to pay was 3s 6d.

* Members of Billinghay Football Club celebrated winning the Village Trophy with a supper at the Coach and Horses. Mr Knight of Walcott presented each member with a gold medal.

* The Culverthorpe and District league, which was the longest-running league in the area, was won by Ancaster Rovers after a lapse of 10 years. During the season, Fidler was the club's principal marksman who made 29 goals including five hat tricks.

* The Rev Donald James McKenzie who had lived in North and South Rauceby since 1923 died at the age of 69. He was buried at Rauceby church.

* Sleaford Cycling Club took part in the Wisbech Wheelers Open 25 event. T Scott was the fastest of the Sleaford cyclists with W Watson second.