A Kick in the Baubles at Louth Playgoers


Christmas day is a family time, full of joy happiness and festive cheer. Right? Wrong!

A Kick in the Baubles is a seasonal comedy full of classic Christmas arguments, rubbish presents, drunken relatives and family one up manship, especially to see who gets to eat the last Ferrero Roche!!

Frank Bailey would love a peaceful Christmas where all is calm and all is bright but unfortunately chestnuts are not roasting on his open fire! His wife Jean loves the fuss of Christmas but to Frank it’s just an unnecessary hassle. Being forced to share his booze with the unwanted in-laws, Harry and Doreen, who every year drink him merrily out of house and home. Then when the neighbours, Gary and Julie, also drop in, it is the last straw for Frank. Their singing and other antics threaten to shatter his oh so wanted silent night.

But all is not lost and the situation could change when Frank and Jean’s estranged daughter, Milly and her boyfriend Darren, turn up with a present that could lighten up even the coldest of icy hearts.

A Kick in the Baubles will be showing at the Louth Riverhead Theatre from November 4 to 9, at 7.30pm.

Box office: 01507 600350 open daily from 10am to 1pm except Sundays.