Comic psychic Peter Antoniou at Other Side Comedy Club in Louth

The Other Side Comedy Club presents it’s Christmas Show for those looking for an alternative night out at the Town and Country Club, Louth, on Tuesday December 4, at 8.15pm.

Award winning comic psychic Peter Antoniou will be literally opening people’s minds in his critically acclaimed Psychic Circus show.

If you have marveled at Darren Brown then you will have some idea of what to expect. Peter Antoniou is a mind reader. It’s as simple as that.

In Psychic Circus Antoniou acts as ringmaster as he guides his audience through his PT Barnum for the 21st century. Warm, intelligent and funny, the London underground sensation has performed his own solo show in the West End, Thought Thief, and will no doubt leave his audience occasionally awestruck, whether that be when revealing their first flings or controlling them as a ventriloquist dummy - all done for maximum comic effect.

So expect an night quite unlike anything you may have taken part in, prepare to redefine your definition of the possible and ask, is your mind safe ?

Advance tickets are priced £7 from the Town and Country Club, or online at