Family faces stormy waters

Mike, an RNLI coxswain approaching retirement, is wedded to the boat, which relegates his wife, Ruth, to a poor second.

His way of life seems set to be repeated by his son, Luke, whose girlfriend fumes that she might get more attention ‘if she were painted orange’ and had an aerial sticking out of her head!

“Going out is the easy bit”, states Mike. “It’s the waiting that’s hard”. The pressures of maintaining a relationship in a constant state of interruption and anxiety are evident: a distress call can come at any time, causing a trolley of groceries to be abandoned mid-aisle or, during a fancy dress fundraiser, sending the crew out dressed as the Village People!

While the lifeboat men are honoured to observe the two-mile rule which keeps them close to their stations, Mike’s eldest son, Sam, has opted to flee away as far as possible. As his father and brother battle the bitter North Sea waters, he crests the dotcom wave in the States until he returns home for the first time in five years, whipping up a family storm of force nine proportions.

This is a scorching family drama in which you can smell the danger and taste the salt.

Making Waves is at the Riverhead Theatre, Louth, from Monday December 3 until Saturday December 8. Performances begin at 7,30pm nightly and tickets can be obtained from the Box Office, 01507 600350. Box office opening hours are Monday to Saturday, 10am to 1pm.