Join in murder mystery fun

Shiver me timbers, the Alvingham Strollers are at it again! This time audiences at Alvingham Village Hall will be entertained on February 22 and 23 by the smugglers of Cockle Bay’s sixth murder mystery.

Captain Arthur Grabb, retired slave trader turned Excise Man, has arrived in Cockle Bay to investigate the rumours of smuggling in this latest play to be written by local playwright Roger Thomas.

Whilst enjoying their meal the audience will sift for clues amongst contraband and cutlasses.

So why not tuck in at Alvingham where you’re guaranteed a warm welcome; unlike the Captain! Arrh!

So why not sail along to Shaw’s Fruit and Veg in Alvingham to net a ticket.

Or use that new-fangled invention and give him a ring on 01507 327395. Arrh!!