Kes on big screen

ON Monday March 19 at the Playhouse Cinema, Louth Film Club will put on morning and evening screenings of Ken Loach’s restored 1969 masterpiece, Kes.

To cater for the club’s growing membership and the large audiences it’s now attracting for its more popular films, Kes will be shown at 10.30am as well as at the usual 7.30pm performance.

Kes follows the fortunes and misfortunes of a Yorkshire schoolboy, Billy Casper, who is bullied both at home and at school but finds solace in training the kestrel he raises from a fledgling. It’s a film of humour, heartbreak and humanity.

David Bradley is excellent as Billy, as is Colin Welland as a kindly, encouraging schoolmaster. Brian Glover is hilarious as a football mad PE teacher.

Kes is Certificate PG. Both performances will be in Screen 2, on the ground floor.

They will be open to non-members, paying the normal Playhouse ticket prices.