Last Miner in Louth

THE Last Miner is at the Riverhead Theatre on Saturday October 29 at 11am and 2.30pm.

Presented by Tortoise in a Nutshell it tells the story of a secret place under your feet, a place full of shadows and memories, the home of a forgotten soul, The Last Miner.

For years one man has lived underground in the place he used to work, hiding from his memories and the constantly changing world above. But as the roof of his home begins to collapse and his past comes flooding back, he’ll be left with a choice. Should he stay down below? Or come back up into the world he left so long ago?

Using puppetry, light and an innovative soundscape, The Last Miner is an immersive, original tale remembering an amazing life amongst the coal dust.

l Box office: 01507 600350.