Louth Film Club screen French drama The Hedgehog

Film club
Film club
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ON Monday October 15 at the Playhouse Cinema, Louth Film Club will be screening a French drama, The Hedgehog, a handsome adaptation of Muriel Barbary’s popular novel The Elegance Of The Hedgehog.

Directed by Mona Achache, it’s a beautifully shot and superbly acted film. Josiane Bolasko, one of France’s leading actresses, is Renée, a put-upon concierge who is not as ignorant as she allows the wealthy inhabitants of her Paris apartment block to believe.

Garance Le Guillermic and Togo Igawa play a rebellious 14-year-old and a charming Japanese widower, both of whom see through Renée’s pretended lack of culture.

The Hedgehog is Certificate 12A. The show starts at 7.30pm. Non-members are welcome, paying the normal Playhouse Cinema ticket prices.

Louth Film Club’s current programme can be picked up, free, from Off The Beaten Tracks record shop at 36 Aswell Street, Louth, or from the Playhouse Cinema, Louth Library or Louth Tourist Information Office. The club website — www.louthfilmclub.com — also has details of the films, with links to trailers