New London Opera Group visit Louth on summer tour

THE New London Opera Group is returning to Louth Playgoers’ Riverhead Theatre for its 2012 Summer Tour.

The group will give three performances of a new production of Gilbert and Sullivan’s rarely performed penultimate opera Utopia Limited (or The Flowers of Progress) on Thursday June 14, Friday June 15 and Saturday June 16, at 7.30pm each night.

The tropical island of Utopia is ruled over by King Paramount, who, although in theory absolute, is really controlled by two unscrupulous wise men, Scaphio and Phantis, who threaten to denounce him to Tarara, the Public Exploder, if he resists them.

They also force the King to edit a scandalous newspaper, The Palace Peeper, full of scurrilous rumours about his conduct. However, help is at hand: the king’s eldest daughter, Princess Zara, has been educated in England and returns, bringing with her six representatives of English institutions, who re-model Utopia on English lines.

l Box office: 01507 600350.