SCAM WARNING: Police issue alert over 'aggressive' phone con men after spate of calls in Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire Police.
Lincolnshire Police.

Police have issued a warning after a number of people have received scam calls around Lincolnshire trying to get access to their computers.

Calls have been reported in Boston, Swineshead, Old Leake and Wrangle in just one day last week.

Lincolnshire Police are warning people to be on their guard, and to warn their family, friends and neighbours.

The calls from last Thursday include one in Boston, where a call was received by a man at just past midday from a male (possibly a recorded message) claiming to be from OFCOM suggesting that the intended victim's internet was being hacked. The man hung up.

Earlier that morning, a woman in Swineshead had a call from a man claiming to work for BT telling her that her internet had been hacked and requesting her bank details for a “bad service refund”.

Late morning the same day, at around 11.30, an elderly couple in Old Leake were called by a man saying he was from BT and requesting to remote access their computer. I

And in the afternoon a woman from Wrangle received a call from a man claiming to be from BT. He said there was an error on the account meaning the woman was to get a refund of £900. The caller then said that £9000 had been credited by mistake and the woman must transfer the difference from her account.

A police spokesman said: "The people making these calls are ruthless and aggressive.

"Please help us by telling your friends, neighbours and family.

"Thankfully we don’t believe anyone is out of pocket after yesterday’s attempts – let’s try and keep it that way. Knowledge is power against these fraudsters.

"Tell two, protect many!"